SCS Trash Removal


The cheapest and fastest rubbish removal around cell-(413)663-1418


              Serving : Adams , North Adams , Williamstown Massachusetts

Pricing : Per bag customers pay only $4.00 per 30 gal bag "Max weight 30 pounds"

             Multi bag customers can sign up for a weekly rate of $8.50 which covers up to (4) 30 gal bags and $2 for each additional .

             **** Feel free to use up to (6) 15-17 gallon kitchen bags for the $8.50 a week price .

            Multi family homes call or email for best price

            Clean outs & truck drop offs Available , current customers pay $25 a yard non customers pay only $30


Even if you do not wish to switch companies but have bulk or extra items , Give us a call !!

 We will by far give you better service and prices than your trash company does now !!


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